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Hometown Hero Award

The following Citizens have been recognized as Hometown Heroes by
the Canby City Council:
Bob Trappe
December 2000
Community Involvement
Carol Meeuwsen
July 2001
Community Leadership
Scott M Taylor
August 2001
Community Leadership
Jim Brown
December 2001
Community Involvement
Herman & Freda Bergman
February 2002
Community Involvement
Fred Kahut
November 6, 2002
Community Involvement
Robert Rapp
May 5, 2004
Community Involvement
Lila Gottman
May 3, 2006
Community Involvement
Clay Baggerly
April 4, 2007
Citizen Actions
Dr. Michael Harms
April 4, 2007
Citizen Actions
Deborah Sommer
June 14, 2008
Community Leadership
Judith Patterson
May 15, 2013
Community Involvement
Walt Daniels
November 1, 2017
Community Leadership and Involvement
Greg Perez
October 16, 2019
Community Leadership


What is a Hometown Hero?

The Canby City Council has established the "Hometown Hero" program as a means to provide official recognition from the City for those individuals or organization who, through their unselfish efforts, contribute in some significant ;manner to the quality of life in the community and/or community betterment and advancement of community goals and vision.

The award program is an ongoing process with nominations and recipients being recognized throughout the year.  Award recipients will be presented with a certificate from the City in recognition of their specific deeds, actions or contributions to the Canby community which fall within three Categories.  These categories are:

Community Involvement- In recognition of volunteer service in activities which promote the welfare of the citizens of Canby and the Canby community.

Community Leadership- In recognition of those individuals who have assumed a positive leadership role in the community and whose leadership activities have resulted in the advancement of the goals of the community, the enhancement of the community's quality of life, economic vitality and or livability.

Noteworthy Citizen Action- In recognition of act/acts of a private citizen which are above and beyond the normal responsibilities of Citizens and that result in a positive event or outcome of benefit to the community. Such actions include acts of heroism, significant donations of financial resources to fund community programs or projects and other humanitarian acts.

A plaque is on display in City Hall with the engraved name of each recipient.

How do I Nominate a Hometown Hero?

Nominations for the Hometown Hero Award program must be submitted in writing to City Hall.  The letter of nomination should include the following:
Nominee's full name and address
Home and business telephone number
Nominee's occupation and/or title
Name of the nominating person/persons
Detailed examples of the nominee's contributions to the Canby community using the criteria listed above.
Three letters of support for the nominee form members of the community

Eligibility for the Hometown Hero Award is not limited to residents of the community.  Any nonresident whose actions meet the above criteria in any of the three awards categories is eligible to receive the award.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Mayor and City Council as they are received.  Recipients of the Award will be officially recognized at a City Council meeting.