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Electronic Records Management System

The City of Canby participates in the Oregon Records Management Solutions project which allows staff to increase citizen access to many records. You can access the system from here:

See the Help menu for information on performing advanced searches. Simple searching instruction are found below. You may search for published records such as City Council Minutes, Ordinances (Ord), Resolutions (Res), Committee Meeting Minutes, Findings, and Historical Documents.  We will continue to add records as staff time allows.

Basic Searching Instructions

You will need to choose “Canby, City of” from the dropdown menu. Recommended searched included selection “Document Content” for records related to a particular subject or “Meeting Date” for City Council or Committee meeting records.

  Search Type   Description
  Any Word   Any word in either the Title field or the Notes field for a record
  Meeting Date   Use format dd/mm/yyyy
  Document Content   Text contained in any test based file that has been run through optical character recognition (OCR). Expect a longer search time.
  Title (free text part)   This search is an exact match search of the Title field for a record. It is not recommended unless you have the exact title.
  Title Word   Any word in the Title field for a record

Once you get search results, click on the link to the document. Choose ‘View” or Download” in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Links to Saved Searches

Saved searches are available for many frequently requested documents. Click on one of the links below to access these saved searches:

  City Council Minutes

City Council Packets

Masterplans and Reports

    Below are abbreviations used that will help in your search:
    BC – Budget Committee
    BP – Bike and Pedestrian Committee
    CC – City Council
    HLC – Heritage and Landmark Commission
    Ord - Ordinances
    PC – Planning Commission
    Res – Resolutions
    TAC – Transit Advisory Committee
    TSC – Traffic Safety Commission
    URD - Urban Renewal District
    URA – Urban Renewal Agency
    URR - Urban Renewal Resolutions
    URDBC – Urban Renewal District Budget Committee


Last Update: June 25, 2020