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Municipal Code Chapter 16


Chapter 16 was updated by the City of Canby City Council on:

12/18/2020 WITH Ord 1539
09/18/2019 with Ord 1520
09/04/2019 with Ord 1514
01/17/2018 with Ord 1469
05/04/2016 with Ord 1435
10/21/2015 with Ord 1422

  Title 16 Complete Document
  Quick Reference Guide
  Title 16 Table of Contents

Division I. General Provisions

16.02 Title

16.04 Definitions

16.05 Interpretations

  Division II. Planning Commission  
16.06 Planning Commission
  Division III. Zoning  

16.08 General Provisions

16.10 Off-street Parking and Loading

16.12 Classification of Zones

16.13 Plan Districts

16.14 AG. Agricultural Zone

16.16 R-1 Low Density Residential Zone

16.18 R-1.5 Medium Density Residential Zone

16.20 R-2 High Density Residential Zone

16.21 Residential Design Standards

16.22 C-1 Downtown Commercial Zone

16.24 C-R Residential/Commercial Zone

16.26 C-C Convenience/Commercial Zone

16.28 C-2 Highway Commercial Zone

16.30 C-M Heavy Commercial/Manufacturing Zone

16.32 M-1 Light Industrial Zone

16.34 M-2 Heavy Industrial Zone

16.35 Canby Industrial Area Overlay (I-O) Zone

16.36 Planned Unit Development Overlay Zone (PUD)

16.37 Riparian Overlay Zone

16.38 Historical Protection Overlay Zone (A)

16.39 Wetland Overlay Zone

16.40 Hazard Overlay Zone (H)

16.41 Downtown Canby Overlay (DCO) Zone

16.42 Signs

16.43 Outdoor Lighting Standards

16.44 Manufactured and Mobile Homes and Trailer Parks

16.46 Access Limitations

16.48 Site Plan Review

16.49 Site and Design Review

16.50 Conditional Uses

16.52 Non conforming Uses and Structures

16.53 Variances

16.54 Amendments to Zoning Map

16.55 Telecommunications Facilities


  Division IV. Land Division Regulations  

16.56 General Provisions

16.58 Lot Line Adjustments

16.60 Major or Minor Partitions

16.62 Subdivisions - Applications

16.64 Subdivisions - Design Standards

16.66 Subdivisions - Planning Commission Action

16.68 Subdivisions - Final Procedures and Recordation

  Division V. Planned Unit Development and Condominium Regulations

16.70 General Provisions

16.72 Applications

16.74 Uses Permitted

16.76 Requirements

16.78 Condominium Project Involving New Construction of Six or Fewer Units

16.80 Manufactured and Mobile Home Subdivisions

16.82 Special Housing Projects for the Elderly or Handicapped Division

  Division VI. Annexations  
16.84 Regulations
  Division VII. Street Alignments  
16.86 Regulations
  Division VIII. General Standards and Procedures  

16.88 General Standards and Procedures

16.89 Application and Review Procedures

  Division X. Historic Preservation  
16.110 General Provisions
  Division XI. Park, Open Space and Recreation Land  
16.120 General Provisions
  Division XII. Riparian Preservation  
16.130 General Provisions
  Division XIII. Wetland Preservation  
16.140 General Provisions

Note: this is a partial index to Canby’s Land Development & Planning Ordinance and should not be considered a complete listing of all pertinent information.

Building height standards
(see individual zones for regulations)
Definition of building height…16.04.230
Excepted structures…16.08.100
Exceptions allowed through Conditional Use process…16.50.060A


Number required/allowed…16.46, 16.10.070B



Flag lots

Area Requirements…16.64.040I(6)
Driveway width…16.64.040I(2)

Infill Home Standards

Infill Dwellings and Lots…16.21.050
For Partitions…16.60.050.(A)
For Subdivisions…16064.040.(J)

Landscaping requirements

As part of Site and Design Review…16.49.080-16.49.140

Neighborhood meetings
When required…Table 16.89.020


See Canby Municipal Code 9.48


Bicycle parking…16.10.100
Limitations on truck parking in residential zones…16.08.050
Loading area requirements…16.10.060A
No off-street parking required in some parts of Downtown Commercial zone…16.10.010
Number of spaces required…Table 16.10.050
Dimensional requirements…16.10.070

Paving projects

City approval required to pave more than 2,500 s.f….16.49.150

Public hearing process

See Chapter 16.89


Access spacing standards…16.46
Roadway standards…16.86.040
Street tree requirements…See Canby Municipal Code 12.32

Reductions…16.08.080 (see also Minor Variances, 16.53.010)

When required…16.08.090, 16.10.070B(6)

Dimensional standards…Table 16.42.100
Signs exempted from ordinance…16.42.028A
Prohibited signs…16.42.028B

Split zoned lots

See 16.08.030

Wireless telecommunications facilities
Siting and review process…16.08.120

Last Update: April 5, 2021